Sunday, 29 January 2017

Time to say goodbye

So, this is my last post for now. It was a really big plesure to write about things, that are interesting or important to me. I've written 15 notes since October, so it's time to say goodbye (at least for an exam's time). I hope that you enjoyed being here :)

Every student has to struggle with studying for tests now, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all my classmates' and friends, who are preparing for a "war". I'm leaving you with this funny video, created by a lovely youtuber - Dan Howell. I don't know why, but it cheers me up before the final exams. Everyone has a specific formula how to learn for exams, but if you haven't found your ritual yet, you can watch this. :)

Compulsive Book Buying

When I read an article today about Bibliomania - compulsive book buying, I was truly surprised that something like that exists! But when I thought about it a little bit longer, I realized that when I was a kid, I used to buy a new book (or a few books) for my savings everytime I stepped into a bookstore. I finished with this habit, when I realized that apart from a new tome of my favourite literature I need other stuffs (like clothes, souvenirs etc). What's funny I always hated to borrow some book from a library, especially when I was in love with an author and his works. I just wanted to have my own copy. This feeling is like humblebrag.
Anyway, the article says that in 19th century book collecting was somerthing usual for English gentelmen, but it grew into a real problem very quickly, because of its size. The interesting fact, that recent studies shown is that men, who used to possessed vast amount of books in 19th century was described as a effeminate and there's some connection, which reveal that men, who identify as queer or homosexual person were drawn to collectiong,
The article points out the nature of Bibliomania and it's highly interesting, so here's LINK. I found out that the most important thing is not to be paranoid in buying books. Of course, it's really nice to have another reading on a bookshelf, but still it's only an obejct, even if it's meaningful to us, it's impossible to have every book on Earth.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

How to win fight on social media?

Have you wondered how to convince people to change their minds? I did, but it's pretty hard task. Last time, I read an article about changing people's opinion on social media. It isn't that easy as a lot of people think, when we are hidden in front of the monitor. And there's even a formula, which shows how to arguing persuadingly with others step by step.
First of all - THE BASICS. You have to learn from your mistakes. Nobody's perfect and it's important to realize what stopping us from win somebody over.
The second step - POSITION - You have to know what's the point of an argument. Well, for sure you know that, but you can easily became repetitive by writting the same thing many times. You also shouldn't get distracted and stick to the pillar of an argument.
Thirdly - EXAMPLE - Yes. That's it. Everything what you say must be based on accurate examples. You shouldn't write something without a justification and people who bring up good specimens seem to be more knowledgeable.
Fourthly - REASON/AND BE REASONABLE TO OTHERS - If it comes to social media, people can't see each other, so they don't know their facial expressions or tone of somebody's voice, so you need to explain very clear, what's on your mind. And remember not to doing harm to anyone.
Fifthly - REPEAT POSITION - When you finished your fight, you should repeat your position and stop worrying about it. It's usual, that not everyone is open-minded, so some people just won't change their minds. That's completely normal. If you are sure that you did everything well, you shouldn't overthink about this topic and just stop.
In the end - SELECTIVE EXPOSURE - A lot of people love to spend time with these ones, who have the same views on the world. But observing your opponents in social media is a better way, if you really want to change somebody's opinion and it can be an interesting experience for you.
If you want to know more, you can read these steps in the Guardian. May be it will be useful in the future.

Citizen of Poland

Today, I'd like to share with you really inspiring video, which I watched recently. It's about an English man, who moved to Poland. But my premier thought was: Wow, I don't have too often an occasion to see someone, who is saying such a nice things about my homeland.
I clocked that a majority of my friends are grumbling all the time, when they express theirs opinions about Poland. Actually, clearly everything is a good reason for complaining for instance the health care system, the politics, a weak transport hub, big queues at malls. Obviously, they all appricieate our history or traditions, but when someone ask: Where do you gonna live after the studies? They answer that they'll go abroad. If you ask me, I always considered myself as a citizen of the world, but it doesn't mean that I know, where is excatly that "my" place where I'm going to stay forever. It might be in Poland, in Asia, in Africa or on some island. It really not bothers me that much.
Ad rem, what I wanted to say is the fact, that a lot of people (including myself) don't notice good sides of living in Poland. It's our native country, so it's nice to see some advantages of being here. I know that we can find some truth in all complaints, but hey! Is everything genuinely wrong in Poland? So, sometimes is good to realize that being Pole and living here isn't that bad. That's why you should watch this highly interesting interview with Patrick Ney.

Live Stream from Space

We all know that the exam's time is one of the most stressful in our entire lives, but how about the relax? Even if we work hard to pass all the tests, we should take a break. And one of the most chilling thing to do is for me staring at the space. I do it thanks to live stream, which I can easliy find in youtube. There's a lot of videos from NASA, which depict solar storm or just Earth from the cosmic space. Someone can say that it is pointless, but it chills me, so why do I have to stop it?
I know that's some of my classmates' love to watch pandas, while eating eucalyptus leaves and also sweet kittens are worth of observation, but I think the universe is good option too.
If you want you can subscribe channel - Space Videos, which has a lot of cosmic videos. Here's one to watch (unfortunately it isn't live stream, but this channel show live streams frequently, so it's nothing to worry about :))
I always was interested in topics of universe, so I guess that watching space videos will be my new ritual before final exams.

American Pastoral

There's one special movie, which came to the theaters in Firday. It's called "American Pastoral". At the very beginnig I'd like to say something about the plot.
Swede Levov has a perfect life, he dreamt about life in a clover with his wife, who was a beauty queen of New Jersey and charming daughter. Gods used to be always in favour of Levov, but one thing changed everything. When Merry Levov (Levov's daughter) joined the turmoil of '60s America.
I thought that it can be interesting because of a psychological profile of the characters. The film is based on the book written by Philip Roth and it counts about 600 pages, so I find that the descriptions of the book heros can be sufficiently detailed.
It's also another reason why this adaptation is so unique. It's the directorial debut of Ewan McGregor (who plays main character) and Jennifer Connely and Dakota Dakota Fanning occuring next to him. The trailer is quite incentive, because of another interpretation of "Mad World" and also photos are fantastic! I can't wiat to go to the cinema and watch it, but first - book :)


For me, winter sports are way more interesting than these ones in summer. I love the cold months and even winter physical actvities are cooler, if it comes to me. Skijumpig is one of the most admirable sport. I guess, that perhaps it is like that because of my traditional ritual - watching TV while spending time with my family during ski jumps.
I find that a lot of ski jumpers are pretty kind and I can't resist to support them all. They seem to be chill and this whole rivalry has positive influence on them. However, journalists are so annoying. If I watch interviews, I do it becuase I like to laugh from participants' responses. The questions like: "There's so big pressure, how can you sleep with the whole pressure on you?!", "Could you jump better?" "Congratulations, you did good job, but don't you think that you could jump better?" are such a pain in the neck. I guess that the biggest hype is proveked by journalists.
Anyway, it's still the most interesting sport to me. I love our Polish team and I'm so proud that boys are so supportive for each other and theirs results are unbelievebale! Kamil Stoch is the current leader in Ski Jumping World Cup, but also the rest of the team is great. Maciej Kot takes 5th place and Piotr żyła the 9th one. Moreover Poland is first in the Nation Cup! May the force be with them forever. I'm also interesting how will the career of Daniel-André Tande and the Prevc brothers go. They all have so big potential.
I think that skijumping is so absorbing because it's unpredictible. You'll never know the clear results till the last minute. This is the discipline, which requires good skills, but also weather has to be on participants' side.
PS: If you like skijumping I recommend you the movie with Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton (as a main character) - "Eddie the Eagle". It's about the English ski jumper, who despite the difficulties doesn't give up in starting in Winter Olympic Games.