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The Disaster Artist

Have you heard the news about the newest James Franco's movie called "The Disaster Artist"? If not so, I'll write few words about it. I'm kidding, I'm just going to do that anyway. The film is based on the book written by Greg Sestro and it presents the story of filming the worst-best movie ever made - "The Room", which was directed and generally speaking created by Tommy Wiseau, who also played the main role.
Many ponder why is it became so popular among an audience. Nothing in "The Room" doesn't make sense, the plot is uneven and I easily got impression that the movie makers kept forgetting about the particular scene, switching to completely new actions. But what stands behind the success of this pic? I guess that it's so extremely dumb that it's nothing left to do other than just accept it.
But the other factor is the mystery behind the whole production. Nobody knows how Wiseau managed to gather 6 millions dollars and moreo…
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Guilty Pleasure

Recently, I had the mood for watching some stupid comedies, during which I wouldn't have to think too much and just relax. Although, It was wasted time, because I didn't laugh, when I supposed to and also most of them just made me feel embarassed. I have a really long list, that I wouldn't recommend you, but there are also some, which I call as gulity pleasures, simply meaning, that they don't bring any important values in your life and also you're not so proud that you actually watched it, but you're just enjoying its silliness. Here are examples of predictible movies, being fun to watch for me.

1. Power Rangers. Tons of colorful costumes and glitter pictures, coming back to life after 90s TV series, but this time in theaters. That could be a disaster or a totally fresh, eye-catching remake. In my opinion, it wasn't actaully so bad, of course the teenage's dramas were sometimes boring, but with the catchy music and vibrant background it was quite fun.…

Black Friday

After a thursday Thanksgiving big celebration in the USA, many stores lowered prices of offered products even up to 70%. This discounts signified the beginning of the purchasing season, which precedes the Christmas eve. People more often tend to buy modern devices as new laptops, smartphones for presents. All the same, propositions are unlimited and markets always try to surprise buyers. I'm given the impression that this phenomenon becomes worldwide and this is the best time to decide what will be the best gift under the Christmas tree for the closest ones.
An estimed seventy billion dollars spent by the American people seem to be impressive. However, this numbers testify of the success of the Black Friday and an unabated willingness of possessing the best qualities, being cheap. In my mind, it's really good idea to buy products this weekend, although lack of time and money can be the largest obstacle in the realisation of the most desirable things.
Did you use the opportuni…

Steve Harrington Appreciation Post

Yes, clearly I had no idea what kind of text I can figure out, and this is what came out of my mind, when I looked back on my latest fangirling's activites. Knowing life, many of you have already watched the second season of the unbelievable famous, 80s inspired TV series "Stranger Things", which appeared on October 27th on Netflix. So I'd like to dedicate this post to the character, who made the biggest progress since the first season, Steve Harrington.
We meet Steve, when he starts to fall in love with Nancy. At first, he seems to be a silly, sporty high-schooler, who loves to be in a spotlight, but the closer we get to know him, the more kind and protective he becomes. Although he was rather perceived negatively by a big group of fans in the first season, he had the guts, what he showed by his bravery in the confrontation with Demogorgons. That's why I always thought that he was an unappreciated character.
Luckily the Duffer brothers (the creators) let Steve …

Taika Waititi - my perfect future of the comedy

Few days ago, I finally watched "Thor: Ragnarok" and I wasn't disappointed at all. I think that the main merit of my joyfulness during the film belongs to an excellent director Taika Waititi, who deserves much more attention than he has now (perhaps it will change after a big success of Marvel's movie). He's a New Zealand film maker, actor and comedian, who loves to put a lot of improvised scenes onto his final, directed projects and it's always pretty hilarious for me. And making me laugh it's not that easy job as it may seem to my mates. That's why I'd like to encourage you to taking time for one of his most precious masterpieces, where he also played the main role - "What We Do in the Shadows".
It's a paradocumentary, comedy horror film, nevertheless I wouldn't say that's even a little bit scary. I guess it meant to be entertaining in a whimsical way. It is about three vampires, who rent a house togheter and living like a…

Genderless culture

Due to cultural and political changes over the years, today it's easier to young people to discover their true-selves. Even though we live in 21st century, there are still some acts of harassment on people, who are dressing in clothes destined to both genders. However, tomboys or effeminate men are desired in fashion industry and there are plenty humans on catwalks, who are becoming successful through their androgynous looks.
Among women I like the most Ruby Rose's style, who is the best known from her role in "Orange Is The New Black". She's also a model and a singer (occasionally). When she was younger, she was bullied by her peers because of her sexuality and later she had a mental disease, because of what happend in her childhood. As a teenager it was really troublesome for her to define her gender, she prefered to be neutral. She started to appriciate her unique look, when she began her modeling career.
And when it comes to men, my very favourite one is a a…

About my recent TV series

As you perhaps know I'm a huge fan of TV and I like to keep abreast of the lastest productions. This time I chose GLOW. It's another Netflix's suggestion to fans, who enjoy climat of the 80s and are looking for a touch of humour.
The series is about women, who are chasing thier dreams, like becoming recognizble actress, being independant, or showing potential and power to the others. And they're doing it by joining to the wrestling's show, directed by eccentric director, Sam Sylvia. But before even the show is supposed to start, they're struggling with financial or family problems. The characters are way too exaggerated. But this is the factor, which makes this even more funny, also the creators of the original serie blink to the public by revealing step by step stereotypical solutions. GLOW points out women's problems, and even though it's happening in the 80s, thier concerns are pretty actual.
The production is decorated by fantastic, old, rock music…