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The Final Countdown

Hello and Goodbye my dears,
I welcomed this semester with a song and I want to finish it in the same way. But firstly, few words from the bottom of my heart. The way through the studies till now wasn't a piece of cake. An omnipresent tests, tasks, essays and deadlines pushed us to the limit, but here we are, near the exams and even more frightening second half of the academic year, but it was an enriching time, not only with the languages' skills, but also with culture's knowledge, which I'm truly grateful for. Surprisingly, I enjoyed my blogging here, notably when I was writing about something super-interesting for me (obviously I don't mean all-posts-on-the-last-moment's exceptions).
Now, I'll descirbe today's title, which naturally refers to famous Europe's song and it's tightly connected with my childhood memories. However, in this context I consider it as a countdown before the exams, days which was left with my classmates' and for the…
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The Olympic Winter Games

As the Olympic Winter Games are getting closer, I feel more excited about this whole event. Winter sports have always been underrated compared to the Summer ones, what's easy to deduce by means of earnings of for instance footballers and ski jumpers (even though for a long time the ski jumping was clearly more successful area for Polish sportsmen). Currently, it slowly changes and winter sports are more appreciated than in the past. The main reasons are the unexpected triumphs of our national team in 2014 during the Games in Sochi.
These year the competition will take place in Pyongchang in South Korea. Aside from the sport, the citzens will have an inimitable opportunity to show their cultural life. I love that the Olympic medals reflect the Korean traditions. They have special design, you can see simplicity in them, but in the meantime they are so classy and provide everything what the Olympic medals should. In the front you can remark tree trunks' texture and naturally the…

The End of The F**king World

To be honest, this post supposed to be about something else, but when the new Netflix's show caught my eyes, I knew, I was a goner. Indeed, the title of my today's blog refers to the name of one of my favourite TV series (currently). I mean hopefully (however, the time before exam's session might be called like that as well). So what is the thing about?
Although, the two main characters of the show are high-schoolers, the show is a actually very mature and it has an outstanding music in the background and on top of that it's British. At the very beginnig we meet James, 17 years old boy, who claims, that he's a psychopath and doesn't feel anything at all. He caused the death of several animals, but now he wants so more - to kill a human. When he meets Alyssa, the new girl at school, who is rude to everyone, he starts to date with her, but his only goal is to kill her. As the shows continues, it becomes an emotional rollercoaster. James and Alyssa are complex ch…

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

Last time, I had an occasion to watch one of the most incredible movies in my life, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". I'm still under the impression of the musical partialy made by Richard O'Brien in 1975, who also created a famous music for the show and played an important role (the servant - Riff Raff) in the film. I can't find proper words, that would be suitble to describe this masterpiece in the right way. Whithout a doubt, it was absurd, comical and "transsexual". But if you ask me, what was it about, I'll hardly answer you. Still there's no room for hesitation, if you want to watch it, that would be probably an enriching experience, which confirms the brave and controversial issue at that time and the fact that the musical is played the longest time in American cinemas, attracting new public. I'm also convinced that every outcast and people, who don't feel understood by the society will love "TRHPS".
Moreover, I'd li…

New Year

I wouldn't like to waste the opportunity to write the last post in 2017, although I think that in next few months the new year will be sometimes confusing, at least when we will write dates on margins. So first of all, happy new year!
And secondly, I'd like bring the topic of new year's resolutions, which is deeply discussed every january. And personnally, I don't have any. It is beacuse of my failures in preceding years. Long-term plans don't actually make me feel more resistant, but if it works for you, I don't mind. So this is why I wanted to remind you about the famous meme, that embodies the spirit of my thoughts.

Besides, I'd like to mention about the Chinese New Year, which will take part on Friday, the 16th of February. This is the most important holiday for Chinese people, who also tend to call it as "Spring Festiaval" and it lasts for 7days. 2018 will be the year of the Dog, which is one of the twelve animal zodiacs in their calendar. S…


As I promised before, I'm going to expand the matter of one of the most stunning and inspiring contemporary singers for me - Garrett Borns, who is almost 26 yo, American singer, also known for his unique style (you can read more in my older post). His music is pretty dope and in January he releases his 2nd album - "Blue Madonna" . His music career accelerated after the success of a teenage's movie, called "Nerve", and his first single "Electric Love" hit millions of views on yt. What I like about him is the fact, that he doesn't seem to pretend someone, who he isn't and always is so kind and gentle during interviews. On top of that he put a lot of humour in short videos, that he directed by himself.
However, if you like something a little bit more sophisticated than Britney Spears' discography in pop industry, you should be satisfied with BØRNS. His genre refers to 60s and 70s, so he tries to make his music vibrant, and places a lot o…

My Favourite Christmas Songs

Even though, there's no snow outside, I think that's perfect time to listen some carols or just songs, concerning this special time.
I just can't imagine December without them. As always I can't resist listening to some classic hits like "Let It Snow" or "Merry Christmas Everyone" and... "Last Christmas". Yes, I know that this piece has nothing in common with Christmas whatsoever apart from the title, but somehow it gives me some xmas vibes, so defenitely I'm supporter of this song.
But for now I want to share with you some goods, which aren't necessarily recognisable. And I'll let it to your own judging.

1. First of all, a medieval english piece, that its origin's dating to around the early 14th century. The original thing about it is that you can compare distanced forms of language.

2. I also wanted to include a fantastic, Scandinavian singer - Eivør, who I wrote about in the last academic year. But this time, very cheer…