Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Hello, I Love You (won't you tell me your name?)

In this cloudy day of 10th October, I'd like to welcome new semester. I'm not gonna lie, it made me a little bit nostalgic, because of passing time. Luckily, me and my classmates' passed 2nd grade and perhaps it's the last year, when we can spend some time togheter.
After a dramatical introduction I can make next step and do, what I've wanted to. To be more precisely, welcome you at my blog (and I suppose that's the first time I actually do it). So, Hello, I Love You (won't you tell me your name?)
What I will write about? That's any secret. Knowing me, you will find here plenty posts about music, books, art and culture in a broad sense. As always, I won't limit myself, writing textes.
Let me say warm "Good Morning" by hit written and performed by Jim Morrison in 1965 (this song's also title of my today's post). The piece was the second and the last one for The Doors, that went on top of the charts, possibly because of the catchy and pop soundings. I hope you'll have great day and won't lose your will of study (at least yet). Once again, Hello!

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Dimash Kudaibergenov

And the the last of my recent favourite artists, along with Eivør and Sergei Polunin is Dimash Kudaibergenov. He's 22yo Kazakh and he took part in Chinese song competition few months ago - "Singer". He has already been apporved artist in Kazah's society, but he wanted something more. Chinese audience was very warm and supportive for him. He ultimately took second place, but in my personal opinion he deserved the first one.
I love that he senses every song, which he sings, putting his emotions into his performances. And his talent is undoubtedly incredible. He can sing extremely high notes and quickly switching tones of his voice from low to high. It's another person, that I'd love to see live.
For the first time, that I've heard him, I couldn't even say a word. He's soooo talented singer and I adore his style in the show!
Anyway, his cover for "S.O.S D'Un Terrien En Détresse" is now my favourite song, and I've never thought before, that French song could be my favourite one.
Here, his best performences:

The Bad Boy of Ballet

The Bad Boy of Ballet - this agnomen is often used if it comes to Ukrainian ballet dancer, Sergei Polunin. The reason, why he became called like that are tattoos all over his body, drugs additions in his past and his decision of leaving The Royal Ballet in 2012. Before that he was the youngest principal dancer in history of ballet, now he performences as a guest in various theaters, because he doesn't want to be obliged to particular theater. He also became very famous of his dance for Hozier's song - Take Me to Church.
For me, his history is eerily intresting, but also kind of nostalgic. His whole family devoted for him, going abroad for better job and they pushed him, that he could obtain his dreams. Dance was always something extremely important in his life, when he was a kid, he practiced 8 hours a day, that only showed his determination.
All he wanted from life were his family gathered togheter, along with possiblity to dance and freedom. It was just a simple dream for boy, who struggled with poverty in southern Ukraine. Despite that he reminisces well his childhood. He's very inspiring for me, I love his performances and I hope, that one day I'll have opportunity to see his show live.
I'd like to put here trailer of Doucmentary film about his life - Dancer. It's really worth to watch.

Faroese Artist - Eivør

I'd like to sacrafice three, final posts about my lastest favourite artists, who made me a little bit stunned.
First of my inspiration is Eivør, who comes from The Faroe Islands, and she's singing in Faroese, Icelandic, Danish and English language. I must admit that I prefer her voice in her native language. Population of her country counts 50,030 people, but recently her career started growing and now she's got plenty of fans all over the world. What I like in her music the most is of course her mesmerizing voice, but also her usage of folk and mixed genres. She plays diffrent insturments as well. She's musically active since 1999, so she's experienced singer, but quality of her songs still gets better. She gives me feeling of anxiety, calmness, or I've got simply shivers by her songs. Eivør's truly gifted person!
Have a look at my favourite songs, made by her (even though it was extremely hard to choose only few of them).

Friday, 2 June 2017

Importance of Sleep

Today a lot of us ignore significance of sleep, we're busy and we're constantly trying to keep up with our daily duties. After long, hard day we don't have even time to sleep well.
Here's some of advantages of sleep:
1. Snooze improves and strengthen our memory, also when we learn something new, no matter what, we should be better at it after sleeping.
2. People, who sleep well live longer. Our lifespan is limited by lack of sleep and the same thing happens in the opposite direction. It's also proven that our quality of life gets better, when we sleep enough.
3. If you make sport and want to have good results - sleep! It's rather simple hint, but really effective at the same time.
4. Statistics say that students, who sleep more than their peers have better grades.
5. Sleep can reduce level of stress. When you stressed at first you should take a nap. I hope that's helpful.
6. Yes, I'm writing this post at night. I'll listen myself this time. And I'm going straightforward to bed. Goodnight!

source: Internet, google

Highclere Castle

I decided to write something about the Highclere Castle, as my architectural inspiration, because of Downton Abbey, one of the greatest British TV series.
Highclere Castle is one of the most popular English country homes. There’s a long story behind the building. It is considered to be nowadays one of the greatest estate in England, laying about 70 miles from London and it has 5000 acres, so it’s quite big. It's also called 19th Century Trophy House. The property is in hands of Carnarvon Family since 300 years. It costs one million dollars a year to maintain (let's say that usual pocket money is not engouh to be owner of such proprety).
The most suitable style, which describes the estate is the Jacobean and it refers a little bit to Victorian revival in English architecture, when the Tudor archicteture was affected by Renaissance details. It’s really uncanny how much attention is paid to the details, like for instance crenellations around the tower. The architect of Highclere Castle – Charles Barry described that style as Anglo-Italian.
What's intresting (at least for me), the scriptwriter of Downton Abbey – Julian Fellowes ia s a beloved friend of Carnarvon Family, so I guess that's main reason, why we can observe the Castle in TV.

source: Internet

The Biggest Myslovitz's Fan From Brasil

Do you imagine move to some distant country just because you've just discovered really wonderful music band? It seems crazy, but If I had such opportunity, I would totally go for that!
And this is exactly what Paul O'Rely did. He moved to Poland, pushed by his very best dream - meet his favourite band, Myslovitz. Obviously, it might sounds unexpectedly easily, but he didn't make it out of blue for real. We don't usually associate Polish music with worldwide fame, that's why I was surprised, when I found out about this guy. He lived his whole life in Brasil and one time, watching MTV Europe Music Awards he discovered Myslovitz, when they were at the height of their success. When he heard "Dreamsellers", he thought that this was his favourite kind of music. Paul was so fascinated that he decided to start a Brazilian fan club of the band. But it was actually one factor, that let him fulfill his dream and go straight to Poland. Violence and pernament fear were another reasons. Now he lives in Poznań and he even played with the guys from Myslovitz few times!
You can see interview with him above. By the way, I love interviews made by Kult America on yt, you can see another one in my last semester's post here.